When editing a Module, you can select the languages you want it to be available in.

Module context panel, Languages tab. The Module is called Geography of North America. The Available Languages are shown as individual cards, each with a toggle on the right side. Below this, there is an Add Language dropdown. Below the dropdown is a +Language button.

Choose a language from the dropdown, and click +Language to add it to the Module.

The languages you select here will be available for translation in the Module and its Topics, Concepts, and Activities.

ProTip: Each Module within a Mastery Profile has its own language settings.

Making a Language Available

After adding a language, you will need to translate all of the content in the Module and it's components—Topics, Concepts, and Activities. Everywhere you see Translate icon. you will need to provide a translation.

Once all of your translations are entered, you can use the toggle to make the language available to learners. 

Close up of one of a Module's available languages. In this case, Spanish is shown. To the right of the language is a toggle (enabled).

This prevents learners from accessing content with missing translations.