When editing a Concept, you can customize the following attributes.

Concept context panel, Attributes tab. The Concept is called Flag. Beside the last breadcrumb a folder icon appears that can be selected to move the Concept to another Topic. The Identifier (Flag), Importance (50), and Name (Flag) fields are shown. The Override Default Mastery Goal toggle is shown (disabled) and the Status toggle is set to Active. Below that, the Created At and Updated At fields are shown, each displaying a date. These two fields have a Lock icon and can't be edited.

Move Concept

Click the folder that appears after the last breadcrumb to move the Concept to a different Topic in the Module. 


An identifier is a unique label assigned to the Concept.

Thumbnail Image

Click within the thumbnail area to upload an image.

Importance Level

A Concept's Importance level is one of the factors Otto uses to determine which Activities to present to a user.

The lower the number, the higher the priority. Otto will attempt to have the user reach their Mastery Goal on the most important Concepts first.

ProTip: Leave the Importance set to 50 (default), unless you really want to prioritize some Concepts over others.

Mastery Goal

For each Concept, you can specify the Mastery Goal (the minimum mastery level). This is the level of knowledge that you require your users to achieve.

By default, the Mastery Goal will be set to the same level as the parent Module (the Module it appears within).

ProTip: We recommend leaving this value set to the same as the parent Module, unless there is a specific reason you need to change it.


Set the status to Inactive if you want the Concept to be hidden from  your learners.