When editing an Activity, you can customize the following attributes.

Activity context panel, Attributes tab. The Activity is called What is the minimum recommended password length. The Identifier (What is the minimum recommended password length) and Default Duration (15) fields are shown. The Status toggle is also shown and is set to Active. Below that, the Created At and Updated At fields are shown, each displaying a date. These two fields have a Lock icon and can't be edited.


An identifier is not required when creating an Activity.

Default Duration

One of the signals that Otto uses to determine a user's proficiency is how long they take to answer.

When multiple users have completed an Activity, Otto will calculate expected durations based on actual durations; however, when an Activity is new, Otto will use the default duration provided.

You may leave the default duration set to 15 seconds, or enter a duration that you feel is more representative of the time it will take a proficient user to complete the Activity.


Set the status to Active if you want the Activity to be visible to your learners.

ProTip: Learners will only see Activities that have been published.