Open the Content tab to edit your Activity text, and add answers and feedback.

Remember, Activities are added from the Concept context panel.

ProTip: If you need to make substantive changes to an Activity that learners have already completed, we recommend creating a new Activity instead. This will help preserve the accuracy of your analytics. 

Another way to preserve your analytics is to edit an Activity's question text, rather than the answer options (when possible).

Activity context panel, Content tab. The Activity is called What is the minimum recommended password. The Create New Activity button appears at the top of the tab on the right side. The question (what is the minumum recommended password length) and feedback fields are shown, followed by four answer options.  The four options are 7, 10, 12, and 15. On the right side of each answer option is a down arrow (to view more details). Below the answer options is a +Answer button.


Below the question, you can enter the default feedback that will be used for any answers (correct or incorrect) that don't have specific feedback.

ProTip: View our best practices for writing activities for some tips on writing effective questions, answers, and feedback.

Answer Options 

Each Activity should have several answer options, consisting of one correct answer, and one or more distractors (incorrect answer options).

You can have as many distractors as you wish; however, we recommend no more than a total of 6 answer options.

Close up of an answer option. The answer reads 7. Below the answer is specific feedback for that answer option that reads "Our policy requires 7, but recommends 15." Below this are four toggles. From left to right the first toggle to set the answer option as the correct answer (disabled), the second toggle is to make the answer visible to learners (enabled), the third toggle is to lock the answer in position (enabled), and the fourth toggle is to provide answer-specific feedback (enabled).

Use the icons at the bottom of each answer option to set the following: 

Correct Answer icon. Indicates if the answer is correct or incorrect.

Only one answer option can be marked as correct.
Visibility icon.
Indicates if the answer should be visible to learners.

There is no way to delete an answer option, so if you no longer want it to appear you should set it to be hidden. This helps maintain learner data.
Lock icon. Locks the answer in position.  

For example, you may want to lock "All of the Above" in the last answer position.
Specific Feedback icon. Overrides the default feedback.

This displays a new field where you can enter (and translate) feedback specific to that answer option.

ProTip: If some answer options are not appearing in the grid, confirm whether the account status filter is set to show or hide inactive items. 

Reordering Answers

You can drag and drop an answer into a new position or use the arrows to change the answer order. 

Locking Answers

Lock an answer in place if you want it to always appear in the same position. 

For example, when creating a true or false Activity, you probably want to lock "true" in the first position and "false" in the second position. 

As another example, when creating a multiple choice Activity, you probably want to lock "all of the above" in the last position.

All non-locked answers will be presented in a random order.