You can access the Map View by clicking from the Topics, Concepts, or Activities grids in the Content Studio.

Unique to the Content Studio, the map view is designed to help you visualize your content (from Module to Activity).

Click Expand in the bottom right of a card to show the children of that object

Panning and Zooming

You can pan and zoom by scrolling and dragging the map around the screen. Scrolling "up" zooms in (makes the cards larger), while scrolling "down" zooms out (makes the cards smaller).

By clicking and dragging the map around, you can center the item you're currently focusing on while keeping other siblings or levels expanded for future use.

ProTip: You can switch back and forth between grid view and map view. This will reset the view you are currently on.

Language Selector

Choose a language from the dropdown at the top of the map to display your content in that language (if it is available in that language).

Studio Context Panel

Click on a card in the map to open that item in the context panel.