OttoLearn’s built-in multilingual functionality makes it easy to deliver truly multilingual training. 

Account Languages

The OttoLearn system currently supports the following languages:

EnglishPersian (Farsi)

After you’ve determined which language(s) you want to support for your learners and/or content, you can add the languages to your account.

If a user has one of these languages set as their display language, the entire system will be translated for them, including the interface and any content available in that language.

You can select one of these supported language as the one that's used for OttoLearn's interface by selecting it as the default interface language for the account.

Translating Content

When you’re ready to add content to your account, your Mastery Profiles will adopt your account’s default interface language. If you’ve added other languages to your account, we recommend providing a translation for each language when you enter the name of your Mastery Profile. 

Modules in your Mastery Profiles will have their own language settings. If you want to offer your content to learners in other languages, just add the languages to the Module

When you offer your Module in multiple languages, you’ll need to decide which is the Module’s primary language. The primary language is the one that you’ll use to enter content for the Module. 

When you're ready to translate your Modules, Concepts, and Activities, you have two options. The first option is to manually translate your content. You can do this by clicking the Translate icon.  to display the Translation panel, then entering the translations.

The second option is to use OttoLearn’s automatic translation tool to automatically translate your content. Just click theTranslate icon. to display the Translation panel, then click Auto-translate icon.  to generate the translation.

ProTip: We recommend having someone confirm all of your auto-translations before making them visible to learners.

After you’ve translated your content, you can make the Module’s language available to learners by activating it

User Language Preferences

In addition to providing your content to learners in different languages, OttoLearn gives you the ability to specify a display language and an understood language for each user.