Use our built-in multilingual functionality to deliver your training to learners in their preferred language.

Anywhere you see, you can translate your text into another language. Simply click the icon to open the Translation panel, and then fill in the field(s) with your translations.

The system will automatically select the appropriate text to display based on each learner’s language preferences.

Account Language(s)

Determine which account languages you want to support for your learners and/or content. You can manage account languages in your account settings

We currently support the following account languages. If a user has one of these languages set as their display language, the entire system will be translated for them, including the interface and any content available to them in that language.

EnglishPersian (Farsi)

Mastery profiles will adopt the language(s) set on the account. We recommend providing a translation for each language when entering the Name of your Mastery Profile.

ProTip: Modules within the Mastery Profile will have their own language settings.

Module Language(s)

When creating or editing a module, view the tab to add additional languages and control your language settings.

Primary: The language in which the module will be delivered by default.

Available: The language(s) in which the module may be delivered.

Before you can make a language Available, you must provide translations for all of the active fields and content within the module and its components—module name, topics, concepts, and activities. Essentially, everything with an icon must have a translation entered for that language.

If a language is set to not available, you will still be able to see the language during setup, but it won’t be available to learners. This ensures that learners don’t see partially translated content.


Click the  icon to automatically translate your content. This translation is machine-generated and therefore a best guess at the correct translation. We recommend having someone confirm all of your auto-translations before making them visible to learners.

Learners' Preferred Language(s)

Soon, learners will be able to select and rank their preferred language(s). Then, the system will automatically deliver training based on these preferences.

For example, a learner sets his preferred languages to English, French, and Spanish (in that order). He would rather receive his training in English, but can also take training in French or Spanish.
If a module is available in all three languages, the learner will receive the English version.
If a module is available in French and Spanish, the learner will receive the French version.
If a module is only available in Spanish, the learner will receive the Spanish version.
If a module is not available in any of these languages, the learner will see the content in the primary language selected for the module.

If you would like to change a learner's language preferences, please contact OttoLearn Support.