Good Activities stimulate your learners by simulating real-world scenarios. The main concern of adult learners is relevance; they are cautious with their time and want to know that what they are learning will be applicable to their jobs. Activities should provide learners with virtual experiences and practice that is as relevant as possible.

There are four main parts of an Activity: the question, answer, distractors (incorrect answer options), and feedback.

Within OttoLearn, you can create multiple choice Activities in different formats. An effective multiple choice Activity meets the following criteria: 

  • Practices the Concept’s knowledge 
  • Includes a clear question or statement 
  • Includes one or more plausible distractors 
  • Provides feedback after all responses (correct or incorrect) 
  • Follows language best practices 
  • Follows structural best practices 
  • Includes media assets (where appropriate)