Determine your Mastery Profiles

The Mastery Profile maps to a job or role. For instance “Customer Service Rep”, or “General Employee Knowledge”.

A Mastery Profile contains Modules, and the Mastery Goal for each Module. You will create multiple Mastery Profiles and a Learner will commonly have a more than one Mastery Profile assigned.

In the situation where a learner has the same Module assigned to them through multiple Mastery Profiles, Otto will automatically use the highest Mastery Goal Level.

For clarity - while Modules can be reused in multiple Mastery Profiles, you cannot selectively assign the content within a Module.

Understand the Content Hierarchy

Below Mastery Profiles are Modules > Topics > Concepts and Activities.

Plan your Topics

Within a Module, you can organize content within Topics. Think of these as folders for your Concepts. Your learners will be able to see the Topics, so make sure they are logical buckets for your content.

Use Scaffolding

You have several different options for establishing scaffolded knowledge. Use these options carefully. Otto uses Spaced Repetition, which prevents a learner from achieving mastery through short-term cramming, this means that it will always take several days for a learner to increase their mastery levels.

If you use too much scaffolding, you could create situations where the learner’s progress is artificially delayed.
Module Prerequisites

Within a Mastery Profile, you can set Module-level prerequisites. These prerequisites mean that when a learner conducts a top-level Mastery Moment (The orange arrow), they will not receive activities from a module until the learner has reached their mastery goal in any prerequisite modules.

Topic Prerequisites

Within a Module, you can scaffold the Topics so that a learner will not receive activities from a topic until they have mastered one or more other Topics within the same module.

Concept Prerequisites

Along with the same Mastery focused prerequisite, similar to Modules and Topics, you can set an Exploration prerequisite for Concepts.

Instead of requiring Mastery in the prereq Concepts, this option only requires that the learner has completed at least 1 activity for the prereq Concept.

This is a great option for introducing the learner to a Concept, but not requiring them to achieve mastery.

Concept Importance

Along with the Concept prereq options, you can also set importance levels for Concepts.

All things being equal, Otto will try to have the learner achieve mastery for their most valuable Concepts (with a lower importance level) first.

If in doubt, just use the default of 50— this gives you space to make some concepts more important (1-49) or less important (51-100) in the future. The lower the number, the higher the priority.

Next, build your activities.