At minimum, you’ll have five different roles involved in your project. These roles don’t have to be separate people, it all depends on skillsets and availability.

Project Owner

Obsessed with improving the target metric(s), this person has the final authority to make decisions about content and implementation. Ideally this is a single person, however, in reality there is often one individual who is responsible for improving the metric who may be different from the person who has authority over the learners.

Learner Coach

You will be surprised to discover that your learners engage far more with Ottolearning content than your traditional elearning. They will debate activities. They will send you feedback. They will request modifications to the content.

The person who receives and triages these requests, as well as co-ordinate your pilots and rollouts is your Learner Coach.

Instructional Designer

Your ID will be responsible for interviewing your subject matter experts for new content, or validating existing content. They will create the knowledge map and activities.

Graphic Designer

While much of your content effort will be instructional, you may require some purpose built instructional graphics to support knowledge transfer.


You’ll need an eagle eyed person, other than your instructional designer, who is able to review the content for structural or grammatical problems.

Pilot Learners

We cannot stress enough the importance that you don’t roll out your module to all of your learners at once. Plan for multiple groups of pilot learners.

Next, create your knowledge map.