What Does Success Look Like?

How will you know if your project is successful?

  • Decreased health & safety incidents?
  • Increased sales?
  • Reduced call handle time?
  • Improved internal security?

Take time to identify the metrics you want to improve and set an improvement goal for each. Write them down.

As you deploy your training, you’ll be able to determine how it impacts your metric, and this will be critical to how you modify and evolve your content.

Often you’ll discover some areas need more content to drive greater retention, you’ll discover that you’re missing content that covers certain areas, etc.

Your entire training process will be far more efficient if you make metric driven decisions on evolving your program and content. Plus, you can use these metrics to calculate a return on investment!

Understand How Ottolearn Works

Contact our Support Team and ask them to load in one of our sample modules into your account. These are available free-of-charge, and allows you to take a module as a learner, plus see how they are structured and constructed.

It’s important for you to experience OttoLearning prior to building content yourself. You need to experience learning something you previously didn’t know. Put yourself in your learner’s shoes.

Next, assemble your team.