Every time a learner completes a mastery moment, their mastery level will change. The amount and direction of change (up or down) is based on many factors, such as if the learner answered correctly or incorrectly, and how quickly they responded.

Note: The system does enforce spacing, so learners can't increase their level too fast.

Otto defines five different mastery levels:

Level 1: Novice
Learners will become aware of their knowledge gaps.

Level 2: Aware
Learners will remember being exposed to the information, but they won’t be able to predictably recall it. 

Level 3: Competent
Learners will predictably recall the information, but they will require some thinking time and make occasional errors. 

Level 4: Proficient
Learners will exhibit accurate and rapid recall with few errors. 

Level 5: Expert
Learners will exhibit immediate recall with virtually no errors.

Determining the Mastery Goal

The mastery goal set for a Module is inherited by everything within it — Topics, Concepts, and Activities — but can be overridden for individual Concepts. 

ProTip: We recommend that you do not override a Concept’s mastery goal unless you have a very specific reason for doing so.

A Module can be assigned to multiple Mastery Profiles and have a different mastery goal in each. This allows you to require different groups of learners to have different depths of knowledge. If a learner is assigned the same Module twice, and in each Mastery Profile the Module is assigned a different goal, the higher goal will apply.

Sample Scenario

Everyone at Fina Shoes needs to complete the Effective Communication Module, but not everyone needs the same level of knowledge. For example, employees in the Retail Department need a much deeper understanding of the material than employees in the Warehouse Department, who rarely interact with customers. 

James assigns the Module to the Retail Mastery Profile and sets the mastery goal to Level 4: Proficient. He also assigns the Module to the Warehouse Mastery Profile and sets the mastery goal to Level 2: Aware. He repeats this process for each Mastery Profile, assigning different mastery goals based on each department’s needs.