When a learner completes a Mastery or Mini Moment, their mastery level in one or more Concepts may change. The amount and direction of change (up or down) is based on many factors, such as if the learner answered correctly or incorrectly, and how quickly they responded.

Each Module will have a set mastery goal, which is the mastery level you want your learners to achieve

ProTip: The system enforces spaced repetition, so learners can't increase their level too fast.

OttoLearn defines the following mastery levels: 

Level 0: Unknown
Learners' initial knowledge level is unknown. All learners start at mastery level 0.

Level 1: Novice
Learners will become aware of their knowledge gaps.

Level 2: Aware
Learners will remember being exposed to the information, but they won’t be able to predictably recall it.

Level 3: Competent
Learners will predictably recall the information, but they will require some thinking time and make occasional errors.

Level 4: Proficient
Learners will exhibit accurate and rapid recall with few errors.

Level 5: Expert
Learners will exhibit immediate recall with virtually no errors.

Note About Mastery Level 5

OttoLearn tries to keep learners at the specified mastery level. If the system predicts that a learner will go below that level within the next week, it will notify them to complete a Mastery Moment (depending on the user's notification settings and engagement schedule).

Therefore, setting a mastery level of 5 will cause learners to be prompted frequently because OttoLearn will try to keep learners at that minimum.

ProTip: Eventually, all learners will reach mastery level 5, even if the mastery goal is set to a lower level.