Content is organized in Modules, which can have one or more Topics, where each Topic can have zero or more Concepts. Each Concept must have at least 1 (and preferably 3+) Activities, which exercise the knowledge within the Concept.

Content Studio map showing a hierarchy of the different levels of content. Specifically showing a Module and an associated Topic, its Concepts, and Activities.

Within a Mastery Profile, you can specify which Modules should be assigned to learners, along with how deeply they should know it. It’s essentially a learning path or learning plan.

A Module is a group of Topics, for instance “Introductory Selling Skills”.

A Topic is a group of Concepts. If you were building a Module on sales training, then a Topic could be “How to Handle Client Objections”

A Concept is a building block of knowledge. If you were building some training around customer communication, then a Concept could be “How to handle a price objection.”

Activities are the actual exercises Otto will have your learners engage in. We recommend using a variety of Activity formats