Currently, we support two types of notifications:

  • Email
  • Push notifications (iOS and Android apps)

If you are using the app, or if both notification options are selected, we will send out push notifications.

ProTip: We recommend adding to your email safe list if you are receiving email notifications.

When are notifications sent?

Notifications are only sent within the hours specified in the learner's engagement schedule. The specific time a notification is sent depends on the following:

  • The number of desired mastery moments set for that learner
  • How many mastery moments the learner has completed that day
  • What the system determines is the best time to complete a mastery moment

What is the maximum number of notifications a learner will receive?

There is no hard maximum in terms of how many notifications a learner may receive. To prevent spam, learners will not:

  • Receive notifications outside of their engagement schedule
  • Receive notifications after the number of desired mastery moments has been met for that day
  • Receive a notification within 3 hours of their last notification
  • Receive a notification within 1 hour of starting a mastery moment