A mastery moment is a brief personalized learning session, where a learner is presented with a series of activities, which Otto determines are the most important activities to increase that learner’s mastery.

What happens if a learner misses a prompted mastery moment?

The learner will still be able to complete the mastery moment, as long as they do so within their engagement schedule.

Otto will automatically send another mastery moment prompt based on the number of required and desired moments set for that day, and if the learner has anything left to do. Otto will do everything possible to get the learner to complete the required number of prompted Mastery Moments per day.

Admins can see who is completing, or ignoring their mastery moment prompts.

Can learners engage outside of a mastery moment?

Yes, learners can complete “extra practice” at any of the knowledge levels. This is a great way for learners to deepen their knowledge, outside of a mastery moment.

You’ll be surprised by how often your learners will reach their Mastery Goals faster by performing extra practice!

What’s the difference between a mastery moment and a practice session?

A mastery moment may be prompted by the Otto application, whereas a practice session is initiated by the learner.

The learner can even practice items which have unmet prerequisites—this is a great way for them to “learn ahead”.

Can we prevent learners from engaging in practice?

No—our philosophy is that learners should never be prevented from exploring content and learning ahead.