Microlearning is a general term that describes breaking up content in to small pieces of knowledge.

OttoLearn’s use of the term goes further, to describe accelerating engagement and learning by delivering small bits of content directly to the learner on an automated basis. This is called Agile Microlearning

Agile Microlearning rests on three pillars: 

Three pillars of agile microlearning. 1. Content consists of small, narrowly focused units. 2. The content that each learner consumes is adaptive and personalized. 3. Content is delivered on a continuous subscription basis.

Adaptive microlearning, one part of Agile Microlearning, combines the learning theory of adaptive learning with the delivery mechanism of microlearning to create a highly effective training system. It goes one step further than personalized training by continuously modifying the training plan to adapt to the performance of the learner. 

Want to learn more about how OttoLearn uses Agile Microlearning to improve employee training effectiveness and eliminate knowledge gaps? Read our whitepaper — The Case for Agile Microlearning — or watch the video below.