Continual Learner Engagement

Learners are prompted to engage in short training sessions and can immediately start working towards mastery. How often they are prompted, or if they are prompted at all, depends on your settings and a variety of other factors.

OttoLearn adapts to learners, providing them with exactly the right Activities to drive their mastery and maximize their retention.

Learners enjoy learning this way so much, that many of them will actually explore the content on their own!

To learn more, read our whitepaper about how Agile Microlearning can benefit your organization or watch the video below.

Training Automation

We’ve designed a platform where you can truly automate your training.

Simply tell OttoLearn who your learners are, what they need to know, and how deeply they need to know it, and the system will take care of the rest.

Free yourself to focus on building great content.

Six Steps to Adaptive Microlearning

  1. Build microlearning content in our Content Studio.
  2. Specify who your learners are, and how deeply they need to know the content.
  3. OttoLearn will prompt your learners to engage in short Mastery Moments or Mini Moments.
  4. As the learner completes Moments using the mobile app or web browser, OttoLearn calculates their mastery to give them more practice on what they don’t know and less on what they do know — truly personalized learning.
  5. If a learner continuously demonstrates they lack understanding on a topic, or aren’t progressing, the training administrator is automatically alerted to intervene and provide additional guidance. Of course, administrators can also manually check learners’ progress at any time.
  6. Change your content anytime. OttoLearn will automatically distribute it so you don't have to deal with additional course enrollments.

Read more about OttoLearn's philosophy.