When editing an Activity, you can preview it to see approximately what it will look like when presented to users.


Click the Preview button to open the preview panel. On larger devices (some tablets, desktop), the preview and context panels will display side-by-side, so changes made in the context panel will immediately be mirrored in the preview.*

* The preview may not look identical to what learners will see, depending on their device and its orientation.

The preview also indicates which answers are correct, which are incorrect, and shows the feedback for each answer. Click on an answer to expand or collapse the feedback (hide or show the feedback).


By default, the preview panel shuffles unlocked answer options. Click  to shuffle the unlocked answers again. 

Unlocked answers will always be shuffled when presented to learners, so the order you see in the preview panel is an approximation and will vary from learner-to-learner.