Concepts contain one or more Activities and are owned by Topics. Each concept should focus on one idea.

Adding a Concept

Concepts are created from the Topic context panel. This allows you to quickly add and map out your content in one step. We recommend creating Concepts from the Topic context panel while in the map view.

ProTip: You can also create Concepts from the Concept grid view.
Gif showing someone clicking the +Concept button on the Topic context panel, Concepts tab.

To add a Concept, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Topic.
  2. Click +Concept.
  3. Enter the Concept name.
  4. Add any prerequisites
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each Concept.
  6. Click Save.

You will need to edit your Concept to customize its setup (see Editing a Concept section, below).


Topic context panel, Concepts tab. The Sort Children By dropdown is opened and two options are available: Alphanumeric and Manual.

By default, your Concepts will appear in alphanumeric order. You can customize this sequence by selecting Manual in the Sort Children By dropdown.  


Topic context panel, Concepts tab. Close-up of the Add Concept section. A label that reads "Add a prerequisite" is pointing at the +Prerequisite button.

You can set two types of prerequisites for a Concept:

  • Exploration - This option ignores mastery, and simply requires the user to complete at least one Activity from the prerequisite Concept.
  • Mastery - This option requires the user to reach the Mastery Goal for the prerequisite Concept.
ProTip: An Exploration prerequisite is usually enough to introduce the user to a Concept, prior to receiving a related Concept. A Mastery prerequisite will delay releasing related Concepts until the prerequisite has been mastered.

Editing a Concept

To edit a Concept, select it from the Topic context panel or Concept grid view. We recommend editing Concepts from the Topic context panel while in the map view.

This will open the Concept context panel where you can customize the information that appears in the following tabs:


Set the Concept's attributes.

Knowledge Card

Add a Knowledge Card to the Concept.


Add one or more Activities.