The header at the top of the app makes it easy for learners to start a Mastery Moment, provides a summary of how many of their assigned Modules are in mastery, and indicates if they have any mastery gaps.

Header near the top of the page with two summary metrics and the Mastery Moment start button.

Modules Mastered

The percentage of a learner's assigned Modules that are in Mastery. 

When all Modules are in mastery, the circle will turn gold:Modules Mastered icon.

Preview icon.Start Mastery Moment

Allows a learner to launch a Mastery Moment

Note: The Mastery Moment tile will not appear when there are no valuable Concepts to practice or Mastery Moments are disabled in the learner's engagement schedule.

Preview icon.Mastery Gaps

Indicates the learner's total number of mastery gaps. Learners can increase their mastery by exercising Concepts with a mastery gap. 

As the learner exercises these Concepts proficiently, their mastery gap will decrease and the notifications will disappear.All Caught Up icon.