As your training develops over time, you may find that you want to reorganize your Concepts. 

To move a Concept and all of it's associated Activities to a new Topic, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Concept's Attributes tab. 
  2. Click theMove to Topic icon.that appears after the Topic breadcrumb (last breadcrumb).
  3. Select the Topic want to move the Concept to. 

Close up of the Move to Topic Dropdown. The first item in the dropdown reads "Move Concept To..." This is followed by a list of the Topics that can be selected.

Note: Currently, you can only move Concepts to Topics within the same Module in which the Concept appears.

  1. Click Save.

The system will automatically recalculate mastery for all the learners who have completed Activities in that Concept or either Topic. 

Note: This recalculation is not instant and may take more time depending on the amount of content and number of learners being recalculated.