The OttoLearn system will consider several factors when determining when and how to send learners notifications. 

Learners will receive notifications if:

  • Notifications are enabled for the learner's profile
  • The learner has been assigned an engagement schedule, and is not using the default "Anytime" schedule
  • The learner has one or more "required" Mastery Moments left to complete for the day OR the learner has one or more "up to" Mastery Moments left to complete for the day, as well as at least one Concept that is valuable (can increase its mastery level)

OttoLearn figures out how many times it needs to nudge a learner and may prompt the learner up to the "up to" setting.

Note: The system will not notify a learner more than once in a three hour period.

Notifications will not be sent when:

  • The learner is outside of their engagement schedule for the day (based on their set time zone)
  • The learner received a notification within the past 3 hours
  • The learner completed a Mastery Moment within the past hour

If a learner self-engages sufficiently, they may not receive notifications. 

For example, one learner may self engage, and therefore not need any notifications, whereas another learner may need to be nudged a couple of times before they engage.