A red notification on a content tile indicates that there are Concepts at or within that level that have a mastery gap.

This means that if the learner completes an Activity related to this Concept proficiently, the Concept can increase a mastery level.

By displaying the mastery gap, the learner can choose to perform self-directed practice (through either a Mastery or Mini Moment), which will help them reach their mastery goal.

For example, this learner has 4 Concepts with mastery gaps within the Physical security Topic. 

Topic content tile for the Physical Security Topic. The name of the Topic and current mastery level are displayed below the tile. In the top-left corner of the tile is the Knowledge Card icon. In the top-right corner of the tile are two icons: the mastery gap icon and the Mini Moment icon.

A summary of the learner's total number of mastery gaps is shown in the header

Header near the top of the page with two summary metrics and the Mastery Moment start button. An arrow is pointing to the circle on the right which shows the learner's total number of mastery gaps (in this case, 76).

As a learner closes their mastery gaps, the red notifications will disappear. They will re-appear when OttoLearn calculates that there are Concepts that can increase to the next mastery level.