When a learner logs in to the learner app, they will see a summary header, recommended learning (if there is any), and an alphabetical list of their assigned Modules and their associated Topics.

Learner app landing page. At the top of the page, a header with the Mastery Moment start button and two summary analytics are shown. Below this, the Recommended Learning row is shown, followed by 2 rows for the Communication Techniques and Online Security for Employees Modules.

Learners can click on a Module or Topic to open the context panel and view more details. 

Within the panel they can drill in further (navigate vertically) or move through the content within a level using the navigation arrows (navigate horizontally). They can also navigate using the breadcrumbs.

GIF showing a learner click on a Topic card then a Concept within it. This shows the Concept's Knowledge Card. The learner then clicks the arrow to the right of the Concept name to view the Knowledge Card for the next Concept.

Learners can also view Knowledge Cards and complete Mastery and Mini Moments throughout the system.