After a learner increases their mastery level, there is a waiting period before they can increase it again. 

This leverages the concept of spaced repetition, which prevents learners from achieving mastery through short-term cramming. Instead, learners must demonstrate proficiency over time, which leads to long-term retention.  

Diagram showing mastery levels 0-5. Below levels 0 and 2 it reads "short-term memory". Below levels 2-5 it reads "long-term memory".

ProTip: When information is retrieved over time, the brain starts to recognize that it is important and is worth storing for future use. This is how information gets moved from short-term to long-term memory. 

The fastest that a learner can reach mastery level 5 on a Concept is a week. However, we recommend that you set your mastery goal to level 3, as the system will naturally have your learners reach level 5 over time.

Diagram showing the 5 mastery levels in descending order, from deepest understanding to general awareness. Level 5: Expert has the deepest understanding, followed by Level 4: Proficient, Level 3: Competent, Level 2: Aware, and Level 1: Novice (general awareness).