Modules contain the actual training content—Topics, Concepts, and Activities.

Adding a Module

Modules are created from the Mastery Profile context panel. This allows you to quickly add and map out your content in one step. 

Mastery Profile context panel, Modules tab. The Mastery Profile is called World Geography. Three Modules are listed: Geography of Africa, Geography of Asia, and Geography of North America. On the right side of each Concept name is a down arrow (to view more details) and an X (to remove the Module). Below the list is a +Module button.

To add a Module, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Mastery Profile.
  2. Click +Module.
  3. Select Create New Module in the dropdown.
  4. Enter the Module name.
  5. Set the Mastery Goal.
  6. Add any prerequisites.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for each Module.
  8. Click Save.

You will need to edit your Module to customize its setup  (see Editing a Module section, below).

Mastery Goal

For each Module, you can specify the Mastery Goal (the minimum mastery level). This is the level of knowledge that you require your users to achieve.


You can also set one or more other Modules as prerequisites.

For example, if you set Module B as a prerequisite for Module A, then prior to the user receiving Activities in Module A, they will need to first reach their Mastery Goal for Module B.
Prerequisites only apply when doing a full mastery moment. Users will be able to practice all Modules without having to complete any prerequisites.

Editing a Module

To edit a Module, select it from the Mastery Profile context panel or Module grid view. We recommend editing Modules from the Mastery Profile context panel while in the map view.

This will open the Module context panel where you can customize the information that appears in the following tabs:


Set the Module's attributes.


Select the languages you would like to add translations for.

Knowledge Card

Add a Knowledge Card to the Module.


Add one or more Topics.