You can export charts from the Analytics Dashboard in the following formats: 

  • Image (PNG)
  • PDF 
  • Excel 
Note: Only data related to learners that you have permission to see will be displayed. 

To export a chart, click theHamburger icon made up of three horizontal bars. icon and select the desired file format.

Engagement and Mastery chart with the export dropdown opened. The dropdown is indicated by a hamburger icon made up of three horizontal bars. The icon appears in the top-right corner of the chart. Within the dropdown are three options: Export Image, Export PDF, Export Excel.

The Excel format allows you to see the raw data that makes up your chart.

When exporting as an image or PDF, the chart will be exported exactly how it appears when you perform the export, including any filters

For example, if you filter the Activity History chart to only show Engaged Learners, only that data will appear in your export. 

A PNG image of the Activity History Chart with one of the items in the legend, Activities Performed, greyed out. The chart above the legend only displays the second item in the legend, Engaged Learners.

ProTip: You can also download your organization data — including user profile, engagement, and mastery data — from the Account Overview page.