There are two steps to configure the Engagement Summary email.

1. Enable the Weekly Engagement Email for the Organization

Main Settings screen, Notifications section. The first setting is a toggle called "Account Notifications". Below this is a toggle called "Send Weekly Engagement Email". This is followed by two dropdown options, "Day to Send Weekly Engagement Email" and "Time to Send Weekly Engagement Email". The last setting is another toggle called "Show Learners in Mastery Table in Email". Below this is a field to enter a custom message.

Navigate to the Main Settings page and enable Send Weekly Engagement Email.

From the Main Settings page, you can: 

  • Select the day of the week the email should be sent 
  • Set the time the email should be sent (must be an hourly increment)

Note: The time you select is when the email will start processing. This time is an approximation, as email volumes may impact processing time.  

You can also add a custom message to the email, and edit the email to include (or not include) a table that shows a list of learners in mastery. To include this table, enable Show Learners in Mastery Table

2. Enable the Weekly Engagement Email for Users

For each user that you want to receive the weekly Engagement Summary email: 

  1. Navigate to the Users view
  2. Select the user in the grid. 
  3. View the Attributes tab.
  4. Click Edit
  5. Enable Send Weekly Engagement Email
  6. Click Save

The user will receive the Engagement Summary email the next time it is sent out. The information within the email will be based on what the manager has permission to see. 

For example, if you send the email to a user with no permissions, they will only see themself in the grid.