OttoLearn has a number of sample Modules (described below) that you can load into your account.

These pre-built Modules are a great way to experience OttoLearn and provide some starting content that you can modify, extend, and roll out to your learners.  

To import sample content, clickAccount Settings icon. in the menu and select Sample Content.

Import Sample Content section on Import Sample Content page. Six sample Modules are listed, each with an Import button on the right side. The six Modules are Flags of the World (Sampler), Medical Terminology (Sampler), Online Security for Employees, Online Security for Employees (Sampler), US State Symbols, Wine 101 (Sampler).

Import Sample Content

Click Import beside each Module you want to load into your account. Once the import is complete, the Module(s) will be automatically be assigned to your user.

You can download the same Module multiple times if you want to make edits and create different versions. 

ProTip: Check your plan type to see how many active Modules you can have at one time. 

Sample Modules 

Flags of the World

Go on a trip around the world and learn how to identify flags from states/provinces in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceana.

Medical Terminology

This Module contains hundreds of common prefixes and suffixes used across a wide range of medical terms.

Online Security for Employees (Sampler)

Learn some tips and tricks for staying safe online. This Module covers a variety of topics, including identifying and avoiding malware, recognizing common attacks, and keeping your passwords secure.

Online Security for Employees (Full)*

A more comprehensive version of our Online Security for Employees Sampler, this Module is your perfect starting point to rolling out an internal online security course to your learners.  

*Only available in paid accounts (Team, Growth, or Enterprise).

US State Symbols

Learn about the diverse group of states that make up the United States of America. By the end of this Module, you will be able to identify each state's flag, capital city, state bird, state flower, and motto.

Wine 101 

Whether you're a wine lover or just want to learn more about this popular beverage, this Module will introduce you to wine tasting and five different types of wine.  

Import History 

View a list of the sample content you have imported. 

This list includes the date the import started and the current state — Complete or Importing. 

Import History section on Import Sample Content page. The grid has three columns: Name, Created At, and State. The first row contains the following data: US State Symbols, 25-June-2019 12:26 PM CDT, Complete.