The weekly Engagement Summary email provides managers an overview of their learners' engagement over the last week and overall progress towards mastery. 

 Weekly Engagement email. The title at the top of the email reads "Weekly Engagement". Below this, there is an introductory message followed by a summary of 6 analytics. From left to right these analytics are total learners (500), engaged learners 7 days (99% up 72%), engaged learners 30 days (0% down 72%), total Module assignments (456), assignments in mastery last 30 days (35% of 100), and assignments in mastery more than 30 days (20% of 356). Below the analytics summary is a link to the Mastery Report. Below that is a table showing learners Not Engaging and Not in Mastery. Below this table is another table called Engaging but Not Yet at Mastery. Below this is a table showing Learners in Mastery. At the bottom of the page is the organization logo.

This email can be sent to one or more managers in your account and will only display the information they have permission to see.

There are two steps to turning on this email:

  1. Navigate to the Main Settings page and enable Allow Weekly Notifications.
  2. Enable weekly notifications for each user who should receive the email.  

Customize the Email

Notifications options section on Main Settings page. The following list of notifications options appear: Account Notifications toggle, Send Weekly Notifications toggle, Day to Send Weekly Engagement Email dropdown, Time to Send Weekly Engagement Email dropdown, and Custom Message text field.

From the Main Settings page, you can: 

  • Select the day of the week the email should be sent 
  • Set the time the email should be sent (must be an hourly increment)
Note: The time you select is when the email will start processing. This time is an approximation as email volumes may impact processing time.  

You can also add a custom message to the email, and edit the email to include (or not include) a table that shows a list of learners in mastery. To include this table, enable Show Learners in Mastery Table

Decide Who Should Receive the Email

For manager user that you want to receive the weekly Engagement Summary email: 

  1. Navigate to the Users view
  2. Select the user in the grid. 
  3. View the Attributes tab.
  4. Click Edit
  5. Enable Allow Weekly Notifications
  6. Click Save

The manager will receive the Engagement Summary email the next time it is sent out. The information within the email will be based on what the manager has permission to see. 

For example, if you send the email to a manager with no permissions, they will only see themself in the grid.