Learners can change their accessibility settings and password from the User Profile menu.  

Learner app user settings. The settings icon appears in the top-right corner. When clicked, a dropdown opens containing the learner's display name and the following settings: bigger font, smaller font, enable high contrast theme, submit feedback, change password, settings, my stats, help, and logout.

Bigger Font

Increase the font size. 

Smaller Font

Decrease the font size. 

Enable High Contrast Theme

Switch to the high contrast theme. 

Submit Feedback

Send in general feedback

Change Password

Update the logged in user's password. 

Learners who access their training through a SCORM course will not see this setting. 


Manage the logged in user's language preferences

My Stats 

View metrics on the logged in user's progress and performance. 


View the welcome screen. 

This screen can be customized in the account's Branding settings and may automatically display when learners log in for the first time. 


Log out of the account.