Edit your profile and customize your view settings from the User Profile dropdown.  

The settings that display will vary depending on the your security policies and whether you are logged in to the learner or admin app. 

Admin App 

Close up of the User Profile dropdown for a user named Robin. The button to open the dropdown is located in the top right corner of the screen. From top to bottom, the items in the dropdown are: Robin (text), High Contrast Theme (toggle), Text Size (100% with plus and minus buttons), Show Inactive Items (toggle), Sign Out.

User Name

Click your display name to view your user's attributes

Note: You will need the appropriate security policies to see this screen and edit your user. 

Accessibility Options

Adjust the text size and enable/disable the high contrast theme. 

Show Inactive Items

Display or hide inactive items in the account. 

Sign Out 

Log out of your account.