Using the status filter toggle, you can control whether inactive items — users, Mastery Profiles, Modules, Topics, Concepts, and Activities — are displayed in the Grid view, Map view, and context panels (including dropdowns) throughout the system. 

Close up of the User Profile dropdown for a user named Robin. The button to open the dropdown is located in the top right corner of the screen. From top to bottom, the items in the dropdown are: Robin (text), High Contrast Theme (toggle), Text Size (100% with plus and minus buttons), Show Inactive Items (toggle), Sign Out.

By default, inactive items are hidden.

To change the status filter, open your User Profile settings and enable/disable Show Inactive Items

Once this filter is set, it will apply to all grids until you change it or start a new session.  

Mastery Report

If inactive items are hidden, the Mastery Report will be filtered to only display results for active users, regardless of the status of their assigned Modules.