When you launch an OttoLearn course from your LMS, your LMS will pass over a student ID, first name, and last name to the OttoLearn system.

Diagram with LMS on the left and the OttoLearn logo on the right. In between are three arrows pointing from LMS towards the OttoLearn logo. The three arrows read student first name, student last name, and student ID.

OttoLearn will use this information to find the corresponding learner. It does this by looking through your OttoLearn users to find one where the student ID (passed from the LMS) matches a value in one of your Username attributes (fields), denoted with a key.

Username field containing an 8 digit number (25499339).

If OttoLearn cannot find a matching learner, then an error message will be displayed.

Therefore, before learners can launch Ottolearn from your LMS, you must ensure that each learner exists in OttoLearn with the right ID entered in the Username attribute.

Automatic User Sync

We recommend using our API to set up an automatic user sync between your LMS and OttoLearn. This will ensure that any users you create in your LMS will automatically be created in OttoLearn with the correct student ID.

You may also engage our Special Projects Team to build a user sync for you. Please contact our Support Team for more details. 

Manual User Sync 

To manually link your LMS users to OttoLearn, you will need to enter their LMS student ID into an OttoLearn Username attribute. This field is denoted by a key icon. 

User profile for a user named Ann. The Attributes tab is shown along with the following fields. ID, last name, first name, email address, and username. There is also a Send Notifications checkbox that is checked off.

If you wish, it is also possible to create additional Username attributes.

ProTip: Our Support Team can help you do a free batch update of your users. All we need is a spreadsheet that contains one row per user. Each row should include a unique attribute for the user, such as Email or Employee ID, and the student ID that will link them with your LMS.