Note: Only available in accounts with a Growth or Enterprise plan. Contact our Support Team if you are interested in upgrading. 

You can export a Mastery Profile as a SCORM package for upload to any LMS. 

Through this SCORM package, learners will be able to launch an OttoLearn session from their LMS and their progress data will be recorded in that system. 

There are four main steps in exporting a Mastery Profile as a SCORM package: 

1. Link Your Users in OttoLearn and Your LMS

To launch an OttoLearn session from an LMS, OttoLearn must know who your users are. Therefore, you must link your users' accounts in OttoLearn and your LMS.  

For more detailed instructions, visit our Linking Your Users in OttoLearn and Your LMS page. 

If you've already linked your users, proceed to step 2.

2. Create the SCORM Package

Open the desired Mastery Profile's LMS/SCORM Integration tab, and click +Package

Mastery Profile context panel, LMS/SCORM Integration tab. The following fields are displayed. Title, description, and format. The LMS/SCORM Integration toggle is also shown and is enabled.

Then, fill in the following fields: 


The name you want to assign to the SCORM package. When a learner launches the course, this will be the name that appears in the browser tab. 

Description (optional)

A brief description of the file for you to reference. This will only be visible in the Content Studio.


Choose one of the following formats for your SCORM package:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 
  • AICC
  • CMI5
  • XAPI

If you don't know which format your LMS supports, pick SCORM 1.2, however, if SCORM 2004 is available in your LMS, pick that one.

LMS/SCORM Integration Toggle

This toggle controls whether the course can be launched from an LMS. 

When this toggle is on, learners will be able to launch the course. When this toggle is off, learners will not be able to launch the course and will receive an error message.

When learners launch an OttoLearn course from an LMS, they will always see the live content — the same content they would get if they accessed OttoLearn directly through our web or mobile apps.

Any changes you make to a Module are immediately visible to learners, regardless of how they are accessing their training — through an LMS or directly through our apps.

Click Save to generate your SCORM package. 

Note: It can take a few minutes to generate a SCORM package. The link will appear as soon as the package is generated and available for download.

You can create multiple SCORM packages from the same Mastery Profile.

3. Download the SCORM Package

Once your SCORM package has been generated, click to download the file.  

Mastery Profile context panel, LMS/SCORM Integration tab. A SCORM course called International Flags (SCORM 1.2) is shown with a download icon beside it. There is also an arrow to view more details and an +Export button, below.

Open the accordion to make edits to the SCORM package. 

To change the name that displays to learners (the title), you must re-download the package and re-upload it to your LMS. 

4. Upload the SCORM Package to Your LMS

Navigate to your LMS and upload the SCORM file the same way you would upload any other SCORM course, then enroll your learners. 

When a learner launches the OttoLearn course, they will be locked into that specific Mastery Profile. Within that Profile, they will be able to complete Activities and access Knowledge Cards.

Whenever a learner accesses the SCORM course, information will be sent from the course back to the LMS.

A few things will be different when accessing OttoLearn content through an LMS:

  • Learners will be locked into the Mastery Profile used to generate the SCORM package, and won't be able to access other Mastery Profiles
  • The orange play button will start a Mini Moment (versus a Mastery Moment). This is because a Mastery Moment is comprised of Activities across all Mastery Profiles assigned to a learner, whereas a Mini Moment is targeted to specific content areas
  • Learners won't be able to edit their password
  • The Logout button will now say Exit 

Some additional considerations when launching OttoLearn content through an LMS:

  • If a learner launches the SCORM course and doesn't have the corresponding Mastery Profile assigned to them in OttoLearn, it will automatically be assigned
  • We recommend that you do not use engagement schedules to send notifications to learners; instead, use your LMS' notification features
  • If a learner is accessing OttoLearn content through an LMS and directly through our apps, the information will be shared between the two systems. 
  • However, the LMS will only receive progress updates when the course is launched from the LMS. If a learner achieves mastery when accessing OttoLearn directly, they will have to launch the corresponding SCORM course in the LMS and exit to update the LMS.