The Translation panel is where you can manually translate your content or use the automatic translation tool. The Translation panel is available anywhere you see theTranslate icon. icon in OttoLearn.

To manually translate your content:

  1. ClickTranslate icon. to open the Translation panel.
  2. Enter the translation for the content.

ProTip: You can use the automatic translation tool from the translation panel by clicking theAuto-translate icon.  beside the language.

 The Translation panel for translating the Name field of the Online Security Demo Module. At the top is the Module ID. Below that, is the Default Language section with a field for the default language text. In this case, the default language is English and the text reads Online Security Demo. Below this is the Additional Languages section with a list of other available languages. In this case, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Beside each language is a field to input text and an Auto-translate icon.