Below are some example scenarios that demonstrate how learners may receive notifications with different engagement schedule configurations — specifically the number of Mastery Moments they will be prompted to do. 

These scenarios assume the learner does not self-engage, since self-engaging learners may not receive notifications.

These scenarios also do not account for new content being added. When this happens, there will be an increase in the number of valuable Concepts, which can result in an increase in notifications. 


A new learner is added to the OttoLearn system, assigned some Mastery Profiles, and given an engagement schedule with the following values set:

  • Required = 0
  • Up To =
Initially, the learner is new and has lots to master 
They are prompted to complete up to three Mastery Moments a day

After a couple weeks, the learner has mastered many, but not all, Concepts
They are prompted to complete 1-3 Mastery Moments a day, depending on how many Concepts are still valuable.

Eventually, the learner has mastered most Concepts
Since Required is set to 0, if there are no valuable Concepts to practice the Learner will not receive any engagement prompts.

Note that if there is at least one valuable Concept, or a Concept that is in danger of falling below it's mastery goal in the next week, then Otto will seek to have the learner complete at least one Mastery Moment.

However, if Required was set to 1, then even when there are no valuable Concepts the learner would still be prompted to do one Mastery Moment.