Engagement schedules are edited from the Engagement Schedule tab, when viewing the user context panel.

To edit an engagement schedule, select it from the Schedule dropdown and click Edit Schedule .

The Engagement Schedule tab of the user context panel for a user named Robin. In the tab, there is a message at the top that says "The times below are displayed in the selected user's timezone. The user's timezone is: America/Winnipeg". Below that there is a Schedule field and a table summarizing the schedule. The table shows the day of the week, engagement window, and number of mastery moments. In this case, the Employee - Day schedule is selected and the engagement window is set from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday. The Mastery Moments column shows 1-5 for these days.

Make the desired change(s) and click Save or Save & Assign. View our page on creating an engagement schedulefor more details. 

IMPORTANT: Any changes you make to an engagement schedule will affect all of the learners that it is currently assigned to

Anytime Schedule

You can edit any engagement schedule, except the Anytime schedule.  This is because the Anytime schedule doesn't have any set times or restrictions — learners can practice any time.

Learners with the Anytime schedule will not receive notifications.