Engagement schedules are created from the Engagement Schedule tab, when viewing the User context panel. 

To create an engagement schedule, click New  Schedule.

The Engagement Schedule tab of the user context panel for a user named Robin. In the tab, there is a message at the top that says "The times below are displayed in the selected user's timezone. The user's timezone is: UTC-6:00 Central Standard Time (America/Winnipeg)". Below that there is a Schedule field and a table summarizing the schedule. The table shows the day of the week, engagement window, and number of mastery moments. For example, the second row reads Monday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, 1-4.

Schedule Name

Close up of Schedule Name (Required) field. The text in the field reads "Employee-Day".

A name that will help you easily identify the engagement schedule. For example, Night Shift Only, New Hires - Evenings, or Management

Schedule Type

Close up of Schedule Type dropdown. The Restricted option is selected.

The type of schedule you select will determine when learners can receive notifications and access their training. 

There are three types of engagement schedules: 


Each account has a default engagement schedule of "Anytime" which means users will not receive prompt notifications and will always be able to take a Mastery Moment from the main screen.


Another option is to create an engagement schedule where users receive notifications during a set period of time — for example, between 9:00am-5:00pm on Monday through Friday — but can access their training outside of that schedule as well.


This type of schedule allows learners to complete their training only during set periods of time. For example, you may set up a restricted schedule if you want learners to complete their training only during business hours. 

Learners with a restricted schedule will not be able to access any content or complete Mastery or Mini Moments outside of the specified times.

Disable Mastery Moment?

Close up of Disable Mastery Moment? checkbox. The box is checked off (enabled).

Enable this setting to prevent learners from doing Mastery Moments. When this setting is enabled, learners will only be able to complete Mini Moments

Enable this setting if you want to keep your content separated, as Mastery Moments pull Activities from all of a learner's assigned training. 

Setting the Schedule

There are two main settings for each day in an engagement schedule: 

  1. The start and end time 
  2. The number of Mastery Moments 

Close up of the schedule for Monday. Under Engagement Window, there are two dropdowns for Start and End time. These are set to 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Under Mastery Moments, there are two dropdowns for Required and Up To. These are set to 1 and 5.

As soon as you fill in any of these fields for a day, that day will automatically be enabled in the schedule. 

To remove a day, click Clear Day.

Start and End Time

The start and end time indicate the window during which learners will be able to access their training. If notifications are enabled, learners will only receive them between the set times. 

Note: Start and end time are based on the user's local time, according to their timezone

Number of Mastery Moments 

The numbers you set here tell the system how many Mastery Moments it should present to learners each day. 

Required represents the minimum number of Mastery Moments users will be prompted to complete during the specified period. 

This is the guaranteed number of Mastery Moments the learner will be prompted to do, regardless of practice value

Exception: If a learner self-engages, and completes the required number of Mastery Moments, they may not receive any notifications. 

Up To represents the maximum number of Moments users may be prompted to complete, depending on how many valuable Concepts they have, their performance on Activities, and the number of Concepts that are in danger of falling below their mastery goal due to forgetting pressure (applied forgetting).

The exact number of Mastery Moments presented will vary from learner-to-learner depending on practice value, but will be within the set range. 

What is practice value?
With spaced repetition, we determine the optimal time for a learner to exercise a Concept. If a Concept is at a stage where a proficient completion of a related Activity would increase the learner's mastery, the Concept is considered "valuable".

What is applied forgetting?
OttoLearn applies “forgetting pressure” to decrement a learner’s mastery over time. The rate of forgetting is based on the learner’s mastery and strength of learning.

If the system predicts that a learner will go below their mastery goal within the next week, it will notify them to complete a Mastery Moment

View an example scenario to see how different settings can effect the notifications you learners will receive. 


Upon creating a new engagement schedule, you can click Save to save it for future use, or click Save & Assign to save it and immediately assign it to the user you are editing. 

Note: You will also need to save the user if you've made any other changes to their profile.