To access the following information, clickAccount Settings icon. in the menu and select Overview.

 Account Information

Account Information section showing number of active users, number of active Modules, number of active Mastery Profiles, and details about the account's plan type.

Note: The maximum values described below depend on your plan type.

If you are on the Demo plan (free), you will see an Upgrade button that you can click to upgrade to a paid Team, Growth, or Enterprise plan.

If you are on a paid plan, you will see a Manage Subscription button that you can click to see more details about your plan, including invoices and statements.

# of Active Users The number of users in your account with an active status.
# of Active Modules The number of Modules in your account with an active status.
# of Active Mastery ProfilesThe number of Mastery Profiles in your account with an active status.
Plan Name Your plan type.

To learn more about upgrading your plan, contact our Support team.
Plan Basis How the cost of your plan is determined.

This field will display as N/A if you have a free plan.
Video How you can include videos in your content.

Depending on your plan type, you may be able to upload videos in addition to embedding them.
Max Active Users The maximum number of users you can have in your account with an active status. 
Max Mastery Profiles Per User The maximum number of Mastery Profiles you can assign to each user. 
Max Engagement Schedules The maximum number of Engagement Schedules you can have in your account with an active status.
Max Security Policies The maximum number of security policies you can use in your account. 
Max User Attributes The number of custom attributes you can add to your account. 

Export Organization Data

 Export Organization Data section. The following text appears followed by a download button: "This Excel file will contain user profile, engagement and mastery data.

Export the data in your organization in an .xls format.

This export includes user, engagement, mastery, and content data.


Usage grid showing the year, month, number of engaged users each month, and number of Activities performed each month.

Shows you how many users engaged and how many Activities were completed each month. 

Engaged Users

The number of users who completed at least one Mastery Moment or Mini Moment.  

Activities Performed

The number of individual Activities that users completed in either a Mastery Moment or Mini Moment