You can access the Activities view by clickingActivities View icon. in the Content Studio.

The Activities view provides a way to view all of the Activities in your account, including Activities from all Mastery Profiles, Modules, Topics, and Concepts.

Alternatively, you can drill down to a specific level and then switch to the Activities view to see only the Activities within that level. 

Activities grid showing a list of all the Activities in the account.

ProTip: If Activities are not appearing in the grid, confirm whether the account status filter is set to show or hide inactive items.

You can use the Omni search to search for specific words or phrases in your Activity questions and feedback, or to search within a specific field. 

Activities grid with the phrase two-factor in the search field. Results show all of the Activities in the account that contain that phrase in the question or feedback.

You can also click some of the column headings to sort by a column