Practice bars are the yellow and blue bars that display when you're viewing a Mastery Profile, Module, Topic, or Concept.

Concept card in the learner app. The Concept is called Password Security and has two horizontal bars. The top bar reads Mastery Level and is shaded halfway across the card. The bottom bar reads Practice Value and is shaded all the way across the card.

The yellow bar indicates the learner's progress towards mastery. Above the mastery level are two numbers:

  •  The first number shows the learner's current mastery level
  • The second number is the mastery goal

The blue bar indicates how valuable the Mastery Profile, Module, Topic, or Concept is to practice. The longer the blue bar, the more value there is for the learner to practice.

Practice Value
With spaced repetition, we determine the optimal time for a learner to re-exercise a Concept. If a Concept is at a stage where a proficient completion of a related Activity would increase the learner's mastery,  we refer to this as a Concept being "valuable".