Languages can be added to a Module, and set as available or unavailable to learners. Activating a Module's language makes the Module's content available to learners in that language.

Before you can activate a Module's language, you'll need to translate all of the content in the Module. This includes:

  • All Topics' names and, if applicable, knowledge cards
  • All Concepts' names and, if applicable, knowledge cards
  • All Activity questions, feedback, and answers 

Everything with anTranslate icon. icon must have a translation

ProTip: You can activate a language for a Module if it doesn't contain any Topics, Concepts, or Activities yet.

OttoLearn's automatic translation tool makes it easy to translate your content by clicking the Auto-translate icon.  icon. If you need to override a translation, just click in the field and enter your own.

Be sure to save your Topics, Concepts, and Activities after translating their content. 

When you're ready to activate a language for a Module, toggle the control to Enabled toggle. and save. This will make it available to learners who have this language as one of their understood languages.

Module context panel, Languages tab. The Module is called Online Security Demo. The Available Languages are shown as individual cards, each with a toggle on the right side. Below this, there is an Add Language dropdown. Below the dropdown is a +Language button.