OttoLearn allows you to offer multilingual training to your learners. 

When your Module is offered in multiple languages, you'll need to decide which language is the primary one. The Module's primary language is the one you will use to enter content for the Module.

To change a Module's primary language:

  1. Select the Languages tab Translate icon. .
  2. Add the language you want to use as the Module's primary language.
  3. Set the language to active
  4. Select the radio button to the left of the language you want to make the Module's primary language.

Module context panel, Languages tab. The Module is called Online Security Demo. The Available Languages are shown as individual cards, each with a toggle on the right side. Below this, there is an Add Language dropdown. Below the dropdown is a +Language button.

Once you've added additional languages to the Module, you'll be able to enter translations for each language from the Translation panel. To open the Translation panel, click Translate icon. .