Display language is the language in which OttoLearn's interface displays.  You can set this for each user by editing the user's attributes. OttoLearn supports a number of different languages.

Understood language is the language(s) the learner understands and can receive their training in. When setting a learner's display language, the system will automatically update the learner's understood language to match. 

If a learner has multiple understood languages, which can be set up using the API, the languages will be listed in order of preference. This is OttoLearn's way of giving learners content in their language of choice.

If a Module is not available in any of a learner's understood languages, the learner will be presented the Module in the Mastery Profile's primary language. 

If the Mastery Profile's primary language is still not one of the learner's understood languages, the Module displays in the first language that was added to the Module.

Sample Scenario

Suppose a learner understands English, French, and Spanish, and would like to receive their training in those languages (in that order of preference). These are the learner's understood languages. 

If a Module is available in all three languages, the learner will receive the Module in English. 

If the Module is only available in French and Spanish, the learner will receive the French version, since that is their next preferred understood language.