To access the following settings, click Account Settings icon.  in the menu and select Languages.

Primary Account Language

Primary Account Language section that reads Set a primary language for your account. This language will be the default when creating new Modules and users, and can be overridden.

The default language for your account. This language will be selected by default when creating new Modules and Users. 

To set up each user's understood languages — the languages they can receive content in — contact us at

You can change your primary account language to any of your account languages (see below for how to add an account language). 

Additional Account Language(s)

Additional Account Languages section that includes several language fields. Specifically, English, French, Portuguese, and a dropdown to select additional languages.

The languages that will be available in your account. Although all languages will be available when creating a Module, these ones will appear at the top of the list. 

To add a language, select it from the dropdown and click +Language

You can set any of your account languages as your primary account language (see above).

We currently support the following account languages (see table, below). If a user has one of these languages set as their display language, the entire system will be translated for them, including the interface and any content available to them in that language.

EnglishPersian (Farsi)

Mastery Profiles will adopt the language(s) set on the account. We recommend providing a translation for each language when entering the name of your Mastery Profile.