To access the following settings, clickAccount Settings icon. in the menu and select Main.


General information section that includes the following fields. Account name, keyword, allow user feedback toggle, default feedback email, display name, and account timezone.

Account Name 

The name that is used to refer to the organization in areas such as the profile menu, on the Organizations screen in the mobile app, and in emails. 


The keyword that appears in your URL. 

URL in browser that says organization's keyword is "finashoes". The URL to access your Admin Application is and the URL to access your Learner Application is 

IMPORTANT: When you change your keyword, the URL to access your account will change. Users who have saved the link or use the OttoLearn app may no longer be able to access their training.

After changing your keyword, you will need to do the following:  

  • Send the new URL to users who are accessing your account through a web browser (for example, users using a desktop device)
  • Send instructions on adding a new organization to users who are accessing your account through the OttoLearn app (you may also want to send instructions on how to remove the "old" organization)
  • Update any external links to your account

Allow User Feedback

Turn on feedback in your account. 

If this setting is turned off, learners will not be able to provide feedback at any level (Mastery Profile, Module, Topic, Concept, or Activity).  

Default Feedback Email

The email address(es) of the people who should receive learner feedback. These people don't need to have an account in OttoLearn. 

Display Name 

The attribute that will be used as each user's display name in the following locations:

  • Emails
  • User context panels 
  • User profile information (admin and learner apps)

Account Timezone 

The timezone for the account. This timezone will be assigned to all new users by default. 

ProTip: You can set a different timezone for each user, from the User Attributes screen. 


Notifications options section on Main Settings page. The following list of notifications options appear: Account Notifications toggle, Send Weekly Notifications toggle, Day to Send Weekly Engagement Email dropdown, Time to Send Weekly Engagement Email dropdown, and Custom Message text field.

Account Notifications

Turn notifications (training reminders) on or off for everyone in the account.

We recommend leaving notifications turned off in your account (default) until you have your engagement schedule(s) set up and are ready to launch your content to learners. 

Send Weekly Engagement Email

Send the weekly Engagement Summary email to specific managers. 

For each manager that you want to receive the weekly Engagement Summary email, view their user Attributes and enable Send Weekly Engagement Email

The Engagement Summary email will only display the information that the receiving user has permission to see.

Day to Send Weekly Engagement Email

Select the day of the week on which you'd like the Engagement Summary email to be sent. 

Time to Send Weekly Engagement Email

Select the time at which you'd like the Engagement Summary email to be sent (must be an hourly increment). The email will be sent based on the account's timezone. 

The time you select is when the email will start processing. This time is an approximation as email volumes may impact processing time. 

Show Learners in Mastery Table

Enable to include a table in the Enrollment Summary email that displays a list of learners in mastery.

Custom Message

Enter the message you want to appear at the top of the Engagement Summary email. 

Account Holder Information

Account Holder Information section showing the following fields. Contact first name, contact last name, contact email, contact phone, and billing email address.

Contact information for the organization's main contact for anything OttoLearn-related. By default, this will display the information entered by the person who created the account, but can be edited.