The available languages for a Knowledge Card will depend on the languages that have been added to the Module — if the Card is being added at the Module, Topic, or Concept level — or account — if the Card is being added at the Mastery Profile level. You can use OttoLearn's automatic translation tool or you can add your own custom translations. 

To translate a Knowledge Card into another language:

  1. Click Translate icon. .
  2. Select the language.
  3. To use the automatic translation tool, click Auto-translate icon. .

Two panels are visible — the Concept context panel, Knowledge Card tab, on the right and the Translation panel on the left. The Concept is called Using Two-Factor Authentication. The Visibility icon appears at the top of each tab and is enabled. The Knowledge Card content appears below and contains text and an image. Beside the content on the right (in the Knowledge Card tab), there is a Translate icon. In the panel on the left (Translation panel), the different languages appear along the top of the panel. Beside the content, which appears below, there is an Auto-translate icon.

  1. To make the language visible to learners, toggle the Visibility icon enabled..

Translation Status Indicators

Above each language is colored dot that indicates the language's translation status. Specifically:

Color Status
BlueNo translation for the language, or unsaved changes
GrayTranslation provided for the language, but it's inactive
BlackTranslation provided for the language, and it's active