Knowledge Cards allow you to add supplementary content to your training. They're a great way to provide extra details to learners and allow them to review your material in another format. 

Topic context panel, Knowledge Card tab. The Concept is called Malware. The Visibility icon appears at the top of the tab and is enabled. The Knowledge Card content appears below and contains two paragraphs of text.

To create a Knowledge Card:

  1. Navigate to the desired content level.
  2. Click the item you want to add a Knowledge Card to. This will open the context panel
  3. Open the Knowledge Card tabKnowledge Card icon.  .
  4. Enter your content using our WYSIWYG Editor. You can add text and media, including audio, images, tables, and videos.
  5. Click Save.

To deliver your Knowledge Cards in multiple languages, open the Translation panel (Translate icon. ) and add your translated content. To automatically generate translations, you can use our automatic translation tool.

Making a Knowledge Card Available

While you're drafting a Knowledge Card, keep the visibility toggle set toVisibility icon disabled. to prevent learners from seeing it.

When you're ready, switch the visibility toggle toVisibility icon enabled. to make the Knowledge Card available to learners.

Learners View

Learners can view your Knowledge Cards by clicking Knowledge Card icon. anywhere you have made a Knowledge Card available.

Gif showing a learner using a mobile device clicking the Knowledge Card icon on the Malware Topic. The Knowledge Card opens in a new panel on top of the original page.