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Support Center
Access our Support Center within the OttoLearn app by clicking the Help icon on any page, or visit support.ottolearn.com.   

Creating Effective Content 
A comprehensive guide to adapting your content for OttoLearn. Learn how to organize your training and write effective Activities your learners will love.

The Cognitive Science Behind OttoLearn
A whitepaper explaining how OttoLearn leverages multiple proven learning theories to be the most effective and efficient training tool possible.

The Case for Agile Microlearning
Learn how this approach to training and knowledge retention improves employee training effectiveness and eliminates knowledge gaps.

Five Signs You Need Agile Microlearning
This guide walks through the top 5 signs that will help you determine if Agile Microlearning would benefit your organization.

Ten Reasons to Choose OttoLearn Agile Microlearning
Learn why OttoLearn Agile Microlearning is the right choice for your mastery and retention platform.

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Status Page
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Community Forums 
Connect with other OttoLearn users to share tips and tricks or get community support.

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